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re: Build: Nimble Negh'Var

Thanks Quad for your input. I'm happy to announce that I have seen an improvement with only a few small changes...

I swapped out DEM's for EPtW's, and now have HE 1 & 2 in the Sci slot.

Just this change alone I had better survivability. In an ISE pug I didn't die at all, and in a KASE pug I only died once due to being caught in Donatra's blast with Evasive on cd. My DPS did improve to 3200. So I think at this point it may be my playstyle? I did hit 5200 at one point, so I will need to see if I can hit that consistently - not sure if I can get this any better.

I couldn't find the DOFF you mentioned with DR to A2D, at least for KDF. I found them on the Exchange under Anti-Matter Specialist, but every single one of them were Fed. I will keep my eye out for it though.

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re: Build: Nimble Negh'Var

Tractors are entirely optional. I was using them in PvP to snag escorts in front of my cannon. For STFs I would swap in a BOFF with 2xHE.

In terms of armor, Ablative best compliments the kinetic DR from Aux2Damp, though Electroceramic is useful against plasma. If you can afford the DOFF that adds energy DR to A2D, you can use general-purpose Neutronium instead. I posted a guide on the Fed site for farming Neutronium. I would replace the SIF generator with more armor. Keep in mind, due to diminishing returns, never use more than 3 armor consoles.

Your weapons and Tac consoles look better than most of my ships. Consider that DEM boosts damage against shielded targets, so you're not seeing the full benefit of that against unshielded Borg structures in STFs. You could replace the 2xDEM with 2xEPtW3 to feed all those cannon for higher damage per shot.

You could replace TSS2 with HE2 for more plasma-burn resistance, which should aid STF survivability.

- Buff attacks with TacTeam and CRF
- Heal with EngTeam
Setup a keybind autobar that you can mash during combat:
- Chain 2xA2D for 100% kinetic DR and turn boost uptime
- Chain 2xEPtS for 100% shield DR uptime
- Chain 2xEPtW for 100% damage boost uptime
- Chain 2xHE for 50% plasma resist and DR uptime

A lot of folks don't invest in the expensive "Performance" skills and use those points in Science skills instead, but that is a personal choice. To make an informed decision, here's a reference for spending your captain's skill points:

= Maximum Skill Effects (Distilled from Folcwin’s Skill Effects chart)

Targeting: +15% accuracy
Weapons training: +25% all damage
Energy weapons/Projectile weapons: +25% damage
Energy/Projectile weapon specialization: +2% CrtH, +25% CrtD

Maneuvers: +15% defense
Hull repair/Shield emitters: +100% innate healing, +50% healing abilities
Structural integrity/Shield systems +30% HP
Impulse thrusters: +25% speed, +20% turn

Warp core potential: +5 all power
(Subsystem) performance: +10 power to subsystem
ElectroPlasma systems: +50% Emergency power to *, +100% power transfer rate
Driver Coil: power reserve of 34 under full impulse
Batteries: +100% battery duration

Graviton generators: +50% duration or +100% effect of hold or repel abilities
Subspace decompiler: +50% duration of disabling abilities
Inertial dampers: -50% self hold or disable duration

Flow capacitors: +100% shield/power drain abilities, +50% tetryon/polaron procs
Power Insulators: +50% shield/power drain resist

Stealth: data inconclusive
Countermeasure systems:+50% jam/scramble ability
Sensors: +50% jam/scramble resist, +25% stealthsight

Attack patterns: pattern effects +50%
Particle generators: +50% damage from particle abilities


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re: Build: Nimble Negh'Var

So this build got me interested and I chose to do something similar to grind through the Omega rep with. The skill planner doesn't seem to show the gear and/or the boff assignments you have. After reading your post I came up this...

Cmdr Eng: EPtS1/AtDamp 1/DEM 2/RSP 3
Lt. Cmdr Eng: EPtS1/AtDamp 1/DEM 2
Lt. Tac: TT 1 / CRF 1
Lt. Sci: HE 1 / TSS 2
En. Eng: ET 1

DOFFs: Only have 1x uncommon Shield Distribution officer at the moment and don't have much else in the way of Doff's - could use advice what to look for on the Exchange.

The gear I have currently, is what I can afford at the moment - to use as I gear up. I currently have Quad Cannons and 3x DHC's up front with 4x Turrets Aft. 2x of the DHC's that I noted with the [Borg] modifier are actually Nanite DHC's - they were cheap. I think I got lucky with the Polarized Disruptor at 75,000 ec. Not sure if that was a good price but it was the cheapest on the Exchange for a MK XI purple when I got it.

So what I am finding with my build at the moment is lack of survivability. I don't feel "tanky" enough. In ISE, I might die up to 2 times and have the most difficulty in Khitomer where I might die up to 4 times, usually when the Cube pops I can solo it until it gets to about 65-75% before it pops me. The OP build has Tractor Beam 1 and 2 in the Sci slot, I swapped those out in favor of HE and TSS 2 to add some survivabilty. I haven't tried it with the Tractor beams - not sure if it's integral to the build.

I was also a little disappointed on the DPS (although not sure what to really expect). My DPS varies anywhere from 1900 to 5200. 5200 was my absolute best and that was thanks to a friendly Sci who kept healing me in a pug (I do take a lot of aggro). Most of the time my DPS was on the low end, closer to 1900. I'm not sure if I am reading my ACT logs correctly, but that's where I seem to be sitting at.

I specced for torps because I thought I would be using heavy torpedos sometime down the road, but have since decided I'd rather put those torp points elsewhere - just not sure where.

So, I think it's most likely my build, my playstyle or both and would really appreciate some advice / insight to make this better. The goal of this build is purely for STF's and the rep grind.

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re: Build: Nimble Negh'Var

For those Klingon Engineers looking for an effective build, this setup uses Engineering abilities on the Neghvar frame to take best advantage of both.

Nimble Negh'Var

Skill Planner link:
( The captain's skills are a general-purpose Engineering build, not minmaxed for this ship. )

Borg engine and deflector, Honor Guard shield

4x dual heavy cannons and 4x turrets of your favorite damage type

- Eng: 4x Ablative Hull Armor
- Sci: Field generator, Borg console
- Tac: 3x damage boost to match your cannons

- Red Matter Capacitor
- Subspace Field Modulator
- Deuterium Surplus

Useful DOFFs: (I could use some advice here)
- Maintenance Engineer
- Damage Control Engineer
- Shield Distribution Officer


The suprisingly nimble Dual Cannon Neghvar brings the firepower of an Escort backed by the tanking of a Cruiser.


- SFM and Deuterium provide defense boosts with long cooldowns
- RMC keeps weapon power up for sustained cannon barrages

Tanking Skills:
- Chain 2x EPtS to keep shields up, Rotate Shield Frequencies as needed
- Chain 2x Aux2Damp for kinetic damage resistance (hence ablative hull armor)
- EngTeam to repair your hull, Miracle Worker in emergencies
- Engineering Fleet and Nadion Inversion can provide additional damage resistance
- Extend shields or EngTeam can strengthen an ally
- - You could substitute Reverse Shield Polarity for Extend Shields to tradeoff team support for another self-heal

Offensive Skills:
- Chain 2x TacTeam 1 for bonus damage and shield distribution
- Chain 2x Directed Energy Modulation for shield penetration
- Cannon: Rapid Fire boosts damage from all cannons and turrets while active
- Tractor beams are handy for decloaking targets and/or holding them while you bring cannon to bear. TB1 is active for 10 seconds, TB2 is 14 seconds. Their shared cooldown is only 20 seconds, which means you can hold a target 60% of the time.

Skating Skills:

The core feature of this build is chaining 2x Auxiliary to Dampeners. Each is active for 15 seconds, with a shared cooldown of 10 seconds. This means with proper skill timing, the Neghvar always turns like a Qin heavy raptor. If you need to pivot during the 5 second downtime, Evasive Maneuvers can fill that gap.

While it is a fearsome sight to see a Heavy Battlecruiser swing all its cannons on target so fast, I quickly learned that boosting the speed and turn rate of the Neghvar does not reduce its inertia. She handles like a rhino on ice skates: Dangerous on the charge, but any course change means a long slide in the wrong direction. I had to learn how to lead moving targets while slewing past, and how early to reverse thrust to avoid skidding out of range.

I’ve seen people try this with a Bortas, trading half their turn rate for 10% more hull, but it just looked like an elephant on ice without the skates.

Since I learned how to skate like a rhino, this ship has been a ton of fun. In STFs it has the firepower to tear down structures, tanking to survive sphere packs and a bit of crowd control with tractors. In PvP it can lay down fair DPS, tank focused fire and snare glob flies to swat them down.

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